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Precision Life Tough Mudder team came through victorious at Tough Mudder Melbourne on Saturday 19th January, 2013.

Brooks Spring Into Shape Race 2

A big congratulations to the entire team on a fantastic effort! True to both the Precision Life belief system and the Tough Mudder philosophy the team:

A big thank you to the team on the day for such an outstanding performance. Anna Teneketzis, Angie Byrne, Larissa Kobzar, Alexis Kobzar, Brendan Sheales, Joey MacLean, Miro Caminade and Ben Belling.

With the next Tough Mudder Melbourne event scheduled for September the training for this, and events of the same nature between now and September, is well under way!

If you want a truly challenging and rewarding training focus in 2013 that will test both your mind, body and spirit come and see us at Precision Life Health and Fitness.

We’ll get you across the line in fine form with a smile on your face and a sense of immense satisfaction. Let your trainer know when you want to start training to join in with us.

"Go Precision Mudders!"


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Brooks run and walk on Sunday the 28th of October.

Brooks Spring Into Shape Race 2

The atmosphere was electric and a great day was had by all. With the sun shining, spring is finally here and what better way to welcome it by getting the legs pumping, heart rate up and body moving. Full event photos are displayed on our Facebook page.

The final Brooks run and walk is on Sunday the 25th of November. So if you want to get yourself fit and ready for summer, jump on board!

Precision Life will be entering four teams again:

The ever popular Happy Feet Running Club is still taking place on Saturday mornings at 10am. The session is designed to build aerobic base, develop good running posture and improve technique. For more information please call the studio on 03 8862 0007.


A big congratulations to everyone who took part in the Brooks Spring into Shape running event Sunday morning 17th of September.

Brooks Spring into Shape Race 1

Nervous grins were changed to record breaking smiles and everyone had lots of fun in the picturesque surroundings of the Yarra river and Melbourne’s very own skyline.

The whole team ran like champions, with a very special well done to Anna Teneketzis who ran her longest ever distance of 14.8km and Perry Birkett who came 11th out of over 600 in the men’s 8km.

The next event will take place on Sunday morning the 28th of October.

Precision Life will again be entering three teams:

The process could not be easier:

  1. Start training for your desired event (Happy Feet running club held every Saturday morning is designed specifically for these events)
  2. Turn up on the day to register
  3. Run and have fun

So if you want to jump on board, please give Precision Life a call on 03 8862 0007.


Precision Life is proudly entering three running teams to participate in the Brooks Spring into Shape series, Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne.

The first run is on Sunday the 16th of September, followed by the 28th of October and 25th of November. We will be entering three running teams, a 4km running team, 8km running team and a 14.8km running team.

To help you get fit and in shape we are running the ever popular Happy Feet running club. These are special outdoor group sessions designed to build your aerobic base, improve your fitness and stamina, and ensure you are ready to run your chosen distance this spring. These sessions take place at 10:00am on a Saturday morning.

Enter the run and find out more information


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